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(As of October 1, 2017)
Board Members
Members of the Board
Juichi Yamagiwa – President / President, Kyoto University
Seiichi Matsuo – Vice President / President, Nagoya University
Kyosuke Nagata – Vice President / President, University of Tsukuba
Masaaki Oka – Vice President / President, Yamaguchi University
Kimiko Murofushi – Vice President / President, Ochanomizu University
Kenji Yamamoto – Senior Managing Director / Former President, Wakayama University
Masato Kitani – Managing Director / Director-General, JANU
Susumu Satomi – Special Adviser / President, Tohoku University
Makoto Gonokami – Special Adviser / President, The University of Tokyo
Toyoharu Nawa / President, Hokkaido University
Haruo Jaana / President, Hokkaido University of Education
Akira Iwabuchi / President, Iwate University
Yoshinao Mishima / President, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Nobuo Mimura / President, Ibaraki University
Hiroki Yamaguchi / President, Saitama University
Takeshi Tokuhisa / President, Chiba University
Sugata Takahashi / President, Niigata University
Mitsufumi Mayumi / President, University of Fukui
Takashi Onishi / President, Toyohashi University of Technology
Shojiro Nishio / President, Osaka University
Hiroshi Takeda / President, Kobe University
Yuichi Ohashi / President, Ehime University
Chiharu Kubo / President, Kyushu University
Shinji Harada / President, Kumamoto University

Katsumi Nakai / President, Fukushima University
Koichi Tadenuma / President, Hitotsubashi University

Assistants to President
Toshisada Deguchi / President, Tokyo Gakugei University
Akihiko Tanaka / President, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies
Tomoyasu Ishida / President, Utsunomiya University
Tetsuo Asano / President, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Hitomi Goto / President, Aichi University of Education
Akio Komori / President, National Institues of Natural Sciences