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JANU's Overseas Partner University Associations

The Japan Association of National Universities (JANU) implements international presidents' forums and symposiums, and staff exchange programs by concluding Agreements/Memorandums of Understanding with overseas university associations. JANU also has the occasions to co-organize the presidents' forums and symposiums by collaborating with public and private university associations in Japan through the "Japan Committee of Universities for International Exchange (JACUIE)"


The List of Overseas Partner University Associations with JANU

Until now, JANU has concluded the Agreements/MOUs with the following overseas university associations:


cpu.png Conference des presidents d'universite (CPU)(France - Concluded on 5 May 2014)
cdefi.png Conference des directeurs des ecoles francaises d'ingenieurs (CDEFI)(France - Concluded on 5 May 2014)
hrk.png German Rectors' Conference (HRK)(Germany - Concluded on 26 June 2015)
ua.png Universities Australia (UA)(Australia - Concluded on 3 September 2015)
fichet.png Foundation for International Cooperation in Higher Education of Taiwan (FICHET)(Taiwan - Concluded on 12 May 2016)
uuk.png Universities UK (UUK)(UK - Concluded on 28 October 2016)


【Past Related News on the Above Programs】

・11/07/2017 SEAMEO-RIHED Director Visits JANU (July 5, 2017)
・27/06/2017 ACE Vice President for Global Affairs Visits JANU (June 21, 2017)
・16/05/2017 Secretary General of the Hungarian Rectors' Conference Visits JANU (May 9)
・10/11/2016 JANU Signs a MOU on Exchange and Cooperation with UUK (October 28)
・10/11/2016 JANU holds a lecture meeting "The Current Situation of Higher Education in the UK" (October 28)
・10/11/2016 JANU receives an Australian delegation under the Japan-Australia Short-term Staff Exchange and Training Program (October 24 - 27)
・29/07/2016 JANU cohosts follow-up meeting to Japan-France Student Exchange Agreement on June 30 and Japan-France Higher Education Reform Symposium on July 1
・29/07/2016 German-Japanese Symposium Held June 28 and 29
・29/07/2016 2016 Taiwan-Japan University Presidents' Forum Held May 11-13
・21/12/2015 JANU and UA Hold Joint Japan-Australia Short-term Staff Exchange and Training Program (Nov 26-Dec 4)
・24/09/2015 JANU Signs an Academic Links Agreement with Universities Australia (September 3)
・18/08/2015 A Taiwanese University Association and Other Organizations Visit JANU (June 22)
・15/07/2015 Three Japanese University Organizations (National, Public, and Private) Sign an Academic Links Agreement with the German Rectors' Conference (HRK) (June 26)
・15/05/2015 JANU Holds an Opinion Exchange with CPU and CDEFI (May 15)
・14/05/2015 JANU Holds a Workshop on Japan-France Cooperation in Higher Education (May 14)
・03/12/2014 Universities Australia Visits JANU (December 3)
・14/05/2014 JANU Signs a Student Exchange Agreement with French Counterparts (May 5)