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(3) UMAP Programs

According to its purpose, UMAP implements semester programs and summer programs for student exchanges and the "Research Net" for academic collaboration. Participating universities are expected to waive tuition fees for UMAP semester exchange students, and to grant credits towards the student's home university degree for study undertaken while on exchange. In addition, UMAP provides scholarships for students who participated to the Program C (Super Short-Term Program). In term of the research net, the researchers, academics, and staff members from participating universities of UMAP member countries / territories are encouraged to collaborate with each other in the areas of cross-border higher education as well as to explore the possibilities of facilitating communication and mutual understanding across cultures.


【UMAP Programs】

(Program 1) UMAP Student Exchange Program
(Program 2) UMAP Summer Program
(Program 3) UMAP Research Net


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 Programs (UMAP Website)




UMAP International Secretariat (UMAP IS)
(It has been located at Toyo University in Japan until the end of 2020.)
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