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2018 Japanese-German Symposium Held on April 26-27

 The Japan Association of National Universities (JANU) held the "2018 Japanese-German Symposium" at Hitotsubashi Hall in Tokyo for two days from April 26 to 27, as an international exchange project using the framework of the Japan Committee of Universities for International Exchange (JACUIE), of which JANU has served as secretariat. The symposium was held jointly with the German Rectors' Conference (HRK) and the Japanese-German Center Berlin (JDZB) , with approximately 150 participants from Germany and Japan, including presidents of universities and other parties involved in higher educational institutions. The participants included 121 representatives from 65 institutions in Japan such as national, public and private universities, and other relevant institutions (including 64 representatives from 32 national universities), as well as 25 representatives from 18 institutions in Germany.


 Over the course of two days, under the theme of "Education, Research and Innovation - The Universities' Way Forward in Collaboration with Society, Business and Industry while Enhancing Academic Core Values", Japanese and German higher educational institutions actively discussed how universities in both countries could cooperate with society, business and industry in an effective and mutually beneficial way without giving up their original mission in research and teaching.


 On the first day of the symposium, following the opening remarks, keynote presentations were made in relation to collaboration between universities and society, business and industry in education, doctoral training, and research and innovation. After discussions in three parallel sessions, a panel discussion was held, including reports from the parallel sessions. Furthermore, in the evening, a reception hosted by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany Tokyo was held at its atrium, with approximately 100 attendances including representatives of participating institutions. On the second day, in response to keynote presentations about institutional performance measurement, discussions were held in four parallel sessions. Then, as a review for the two-day symposium, a closing panel discussion was held, which ended the symposium on a high note.


 After the end of the second day, a meeting to exchange views was held for about an hour between HRK and JANU, attended by six representatives from JANU, including Dr. Juichi Yamagiwa, JANU President and President of Kyoto University, Dr. Kyosuke Nagata, JANU Vice-President, JACUIE Chairperson and President of University of Tsukuba, Dr. Akira Iwabuchi, President of Iwate University, Dr. Takashi Onishi, President of Toyohashi University of Technology, Dr. Tetsuo Asano, President of Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, and Mr. Masato Kitani, JANU Managing Director, as well as eight representatives from HRK, including Dr. Hippler, HRK President. In the meeting, they reviewed the symposium and extensively exchanged views about a future collaboration, including a basic policy for the next symposium (scheduled to be held in Germany in 2020).


 As an international exchange between Germany and Japan is expected to be more active, JANU will push ahead with initiatives towards further active interactions with Germany, in cooperation with our German counterparts.


Prof. Dr. Sugata Takahashi, President of Niigata University, serving as MC (Day 1)




Prof. Dr. Kyosuke Nagata, Chairperson of JACUIE and President of University of Tsukuba, making opening remarks
(Day 1)


Prof. Dr. Horst Hippler, President of HRK, making opening remarks (Day 1)


Dr. Friederike Bosse, Secretary General of JDZB, making opening remarks (Day 1)


Mr. Masanori Shinano, Deputy Director-General, Higher Education Bureau, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), making opening remarks (Day 1)


Dr. Stephan Grabherr, Charge d'Affaires ad interim, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany Tokyo, making opening remarks (Day 1)



Prof. Dr. Akira Iwabuchi, President of Iwate University, delivering a keynote presentation
(Day 1)



Prof. Dr. Isao Satoh, Provost and Executive Vice-President for Institute Strategy, Tokyo Institute of Technology, delivering a keynote presentation (Day 1)


Prof. Dr. Masuo Aizawa, Counselor to the President, Japan Science & Technology Agency (JST), delivering a keynote presentation (Day 1)


Parallel session (Day 1)




Panel discussion (Day 1)



Reception hosted by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany Tokyo (Day 1)


Prof. Dr. Makoto Watanabe, Vice-President for Education and International Affairs, Chiba University, serving as MC (Day 2)


Prof. Dr. Shojiro Nishio, President of Osaka University, delivering a keynote presentation (Day 2)


Parallel session (Day 2)



Closing panel discussion (Day 2)



Reference corner




Ceremonial photograph with speakers who made opening remarks, etc. (Day 1)



Ceremonial photograph with speakers at the symposium, etc.



A meeting to exchange views with HRK
(Day 2)



Dr. Juichi Yamagiwa, JANU President and President of Kyoto University, making a statement at the meeting


Ceremonial photograph with participants of the meeting (Day 2)