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Holding the 2018 Japan-Taiwan University Presidents' Forum (June 7-8)

 On Thursday, June 7, the Japan Association of National Universities held the 2018 Japan-Taiwan University Presidents' Forum at the Rihga Royal Hotel Hiroshima (Hiroshima, Japan) as an international exchange activity based on the framework of Japan Committee of Universities for International Exchange (JACUIE), which functions as the forum's secretariat. Collaborating with Foundation for International Cooperation in Higher Education of Taiwan (FICHET), the forum was held at Hiroshima University with approximately 200 participants in higher education institutions from Japan and Taiwan. 136 participants from 73 institutions (Within 79 participants from 37 national universities) in Japan were involved, along with 72 participants from 40 institutions in Taiwan.

   Based on the theme of "Enhancement of Education and Research Collaboration Corresponding to the Globalization of Society," higher education institutions from Japan and Taiwan engaged in active discussion about what measures should be taken to promote education and research collaborations to deal with the diverse problems facing global society.

   On the first day of the forum, following opening remarks, presentations were made with regard to double degree programs, joint degree programs, student exchange programs, exchanges of young researchers, and promoting research projects in collaboration with industry.

 Following the presentation of research and educational initiatives between Japan and Taiwan, JACUIE and FICHET adopted a joint statement to promote cooperation between Japanese and Taiwanese universities. The forum concluded successfully following closing remarks.

   After the forum, JACUIE and FICHET held a follow up meeting. Chairperson Kyosuke Nagata (University of Tsukuba) and a party of six other participants attended on behalf of JACUIE, while President Huey-Jen Su and six other participants attended on behalf of FICHET. During this meeting, they looked back on the forum, and exchanged a wide range of opinions on the partnership in order for moving forward, including the basic policy for the next forum (planned to be held in Taiwan in November 2020).

 Furthermore, in the evening, Hiroshima University held a reception at the same venue with approximately 190 participants from each participating intitutions. On the second day, Hiroshima University held an excursion for the Taiwanese participants (approximately 30 participants visited Miyajima and the Peace Memorial Park).


 We expect the international exchange between Japan and Taiwan to become even more active. The Japan Association of National Universities will cooperate with FICHET, and develop initiatives to expand exchanges between both parties.


Dr. Taiji Hotta, Vice Executive
(international planning)
of Hiroshima Universityl, serving as MC


Dr. Kyosuke Nagata, Chairperson of JACUIE and President of University of Tsukuba, making opening remarks


Dr. Huey-Hen Su, Chairperson of FICHET and President of National Cheng Kung University, making opening remarks


Dr. Mitsuo Ochi, President of Hiroshima University, making opening remarks


Mr. Michi Kakizawa, Director-General, General Affairs Department of Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association, making opening remarks


Mr. Jen-Joe Chang, Deputy Representative of Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Japan, making opening remarks


Mr. Yuichi Hasebe President of Yokohama National University, presenting case study


Mr. Hideki Yonekawa, Vice President of Japan Student Services Organization, presenting case study


Dr. Mariko Kobayashi, Governing Director, Headquarters for International Affairs Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, presenting case study


Dr. Yoshizane Maeda, President of Kagoshima University, presenting case study


Dr. Yasunao Hattori, President of Shimane University, presenting case study


Dr. Yoshiyuki Kakehi, President of Kagawa University, presenting case study


Dr. Atsushi Hamana, President of Kansai University of International Studies, serving as moderator


Dr. Tetsuo Asano, President of Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, serving as moderator


Dr. Kyosuke Nagata, Chairperson of JACUIE and Dr. Huey-Hen Su,Chairperson of FICHET, adopting a joint statement


Rev. Noriaki Nagao, President of Tenri University, giving closing remarks


Forum venue









Coffee break



Group photo with forum participants



Group photo of excursion participants