National Universities’ Response to the Situation in Ukraine

According to their respective university policies, Japanese national universities are sending out presidents’ messages regarding the situation in Ukraine and providing support to students, researchers, and others from Ukraine.
For details, please refer to the link of each university.

JANU Statement
JANU Statement on the Situation in Ukraine

Response of each university

Hokkaido University

Hirosaki University

Tohoku University

Fukushima University

The University of Tokyo

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

Tokyo University of the Arts

Ochanomizu University

University of Tsukuba

Gunma University

Saitama University

University of Yamanashi

Nagoya University

Mie University

Shiga University

Kyoto University

Osaka University

Kobe University

Okayama University

Hiroshima University

Yamaguchi University

Kagawa University

Ehime University

Kyushu University

Nagasaki University

Kagoshima University