President Nagata attends a webinar co-hosted by Chatham House and Japan House London (March 30)

 On March 30, 2022, Nagata Kyosuke, President of JANU (the Japan Association of National Universities), participated as the speaker in the webinar “Prospects for collaboration between universities in Japan and the U.K.” co-hosted by Chatham House (Royal Institute of International Affairs) and Japan House London.

 This webinar was the final installment of the series in which experts from both countries in various fields discuss the current situation and future prospects for cooperation on a variety of issues.

 It discussed not only how universities in the two countries are tackling the issue of collaboration and how they can further stimulate joint research but also how international student mobility between Japan and the U.K. can be revitalized.
President Nagata gave a presentation on “Prospects for University Reform and Collaboration between Japan and the U.K.” He stressed the need for greater collaboration between organizations and at the university level, and the importance of research integrity, which is also related to “Data Free Flow with Trust.”

 JANU will continue to promote efforts to further expand exchanges between the two sides through cooperation with university associations and other organizations in the U.K.


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