President Alis of the University of Rennes and its delegation visited JANU (February 10, 2023)

Prof. Ida Ryuichi, Senior Managing Director, and JANU staff welcomed Prof. David Alis, the President of the University of Rennes, Prof. Muriel Hissler, the Vice-President of Foreign Affairs, and Prof. Sébastien Le Picard, the Vice-President for European Projects, on February 10, 2023

The University of Rennes is located in Brittany known for being at the forefront of advanced research and innovation, such as cybersecurity. The delegation presented its initiatives in the areas such as global health, digital society, and environment, as well as its university life and organization.

JANU too, provided an overview of national universities in Japan and outlined its activities including multiple engagement with partner overseas associations.
President Alis expressed his desire to strengthen strategic partnerships with Japan and Japanese universities and to expand the interactive exchange of master/PhD students with Japanese national universities. Prof. Ida responded that JANU would provide possible opportunities for assisting the University of Rennes with fostering new relationships.

Both sides agreed to seek various possibilities for the development of mutual cooperation and collaboration.