Korea Japan University Presidents’ Forum (May 9, 2024)

 On May 9, 2024, the Japan Committee of Universities for International Exchange (JACUIE) participated in the international conference, “Korea Japan University Presidents’ Forum” in Seoul, Korea. The Korean Council for University Education (KCUE) and the Korea Foundation (KF) jointly organized the forum, mainly attended by university presidents and vice presidents. Japan was represented by 42 participants in cooperation with JACUIE from 20 national, public, and private universities, along with other related institutions. Korea had 36 participants from 18 universities and other related institutions. During the event, participants appreciated presentations and case studies, exchanged views and ideas, and shared information.

 The opening remarks were delivered by Dr. Park Sang-Gue, Chairman of KCUE and President of Chung-Ang University; Mr. Rhee Jongkook, Executive Vice-President of KF; Dr. MINATO Nagahiro, Chairperson of JACUIE and President of Kyoto University; Dr. Lee Juho, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education; Minister MIBAE Taisuke, Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy of Japan in Korea; Ambassador Kim Chang Beom, Vice Chairman & CEO of the Federation of Korean Industries; and Dr. Chang Jekuk, Former Chairman of KCUE and President of Dongseo University. They expressed their sincere appreciation for the friendly relations between Japan and Korea as well as for all the organization works for this forum. They also pointed out that this forum provides a valuable opportunity for further development of higher education on both sides.

 Following the opening remarks, a gift exchange took place between Chairperson MINATO Nagahiro of JACUIE and Chairman Park Sang-Gue of KCUE.

 Then, keynote speeches were delivered by representatives from universities in Japan and Korea under the theme ” Developing Highly Specialized Talent for in the era of the
 4th Industrial Revolution (including STEM fields).” Dr. Kim Heon Young, President of Kangwon National University, discussed the transformation and initiatives of Korean universities in response to societal changes. Dr. HOUKIN Kiyohiro, President of Hokkaido University, spoke about the transformation of graduate education to develop high-level professional human resources essential for a VUCA society, focusing on industry-academia collaboration and measures attracting overseas students.

 Three sessions followed, namely “The Role of Universities as National Soft Power,” “Industry-University Partnership focusing on Joint Research (R&D),
 Human Resource Development,” and “Suggestions for Promoting International Students Exchange in Higher Education between Two Countries.” In each session, one university from Japan and one from Korea presented their unique initiatives under these theme. In each of the sessions, the moderator animated lively the session together with two presenters and four discussants in Q&A and discussions. Through these sessions, the high level of interest was shown in the common social issues and challenges which both Japan and Korea are currently facing.

 Before the forum, a tea time session was arranged for an exchange of views among seven leaders of both sides: Chairperson MINATO Nagahiro of JACUIE; Minister MIBAE Taisuke of the Embassy of Japan in Korea; Minister Juho Lee of the Ministry of Education; Chairman Park Sang-Gue of KCUE; Executive Vice-President Rhee Jongkook of KF; Vice Chairman & CEO Kim Chang Beom of the Federation of Korean Industries; and former Chairman Chang Jekuk of KCUE.

 On the eve of the forum and after its conclusion, a welcome reception and the official dinner were held, providing a convivial atmosphere where participants from both Japan and Korea further fostered friendship.