JANU Held an Opinion Exchange Meeting with Cambodian Royal University Presidents (November 10, 2017)

 On Friday, November 10, 2017, the Japan Association of National Universities (JANU) held an opinion exchange meeting with Cambodian royal university presidents in Hiroshima City.

 The delegation of Cambodian royal university presidents visited Japan to attend an international symposium, etc. held by Hiroshima University on Thursday, November 9. On the other hand, JANU held its FY2017 second regular assembly in Hiroshima City on Friday, November 10. Taking advantage of this opportunity, vice presidents of JANU and Cambodian Royal university presidents met.

 In this meeting, vice presidents of JANU and Cambodian royal university presidents exchanged their views on the current situations and challenges surrounding higher education in both countries. They also agreed that both countries shared similar challenges in university reform, and actively exchanged several opinions.

 JANU will take positive measures to expand exchanges between the two countries toward the future.


Group photo of vice presidents of JANU, Cambodian royal university presidents, etc.


Participants exchanging opinions


Participants exchanging opinions