Activities necessary for national universities to promote high-quality education, academic research, and social contribution

  • Studying and discussing national universities’ entrance examinations. Discussing and devising implementation guidelines etc. for national universities’ entrance examinations.
  • Collecting information that will help national universities conduct high-quality education, research, and other activities. Studying and discussing challenges associated with conducting high-quality education and research.
  • Responding to the achievement evaluation and the certified evaluation and accreditation of national university corporations. Conducting studies, research, and verification concerning these evaluations.
  • Studying and discussing the national government’s policies on foreign students aimed at internationalizing Japanese universities as well as measures for helping each national university develop and enhance its own voluntary international exchange programs.
  • Discussing exchange programs between the faculty/staff of JANU member universities and international organizations such as the associations of university presidents of various countries.

Studies and research necessary for universities’ voluntary policy-making activities as well as for proposals concerning the national government’s policies on higher education, academic research, etc.

  • Conducting studies and research and making proposals concerning challenges associated with the government’s policies on higher education, academic research, etc.
  • Holding seminars and other events concerning challenges facing higher education, academic research, and national universities.
  • Discussing the roles and characteristics of national universities and the enhancement of national universities’ functions.
  • Conducting analysis of the current statuses of various challenges facing national universities. Conducting studies and research and collecting basic materials concerning national universities’ future prospects.

International exchange programs based on international partnership

  • Collaborating and cooperating with organizations relating to public and private universities to implement international exchange progra ms with university-related organizations of other countries.
  • Helping various international student exchange organizations co nduct activities in Japan.

Support for the management and administration of national university corporations

  • Identifying challenges relating to human resources, personnel management, finances, facility development, hospital administration, etc. and making proposals or requests to relevant agencies.
  • Supporting national university corporations’ management and administration by providing relevant reference materials and information.
  • Planning, holding, or supporting seminars, training sessions, and other events targeted at directors, faculty, and staff of national universities and other related organizations.
  • Conducting public relations concerning national universities and JANU.
  • Supporting voluntary activities conducted by each branch of JANU.
  • Studying and discussing impending issues in specific areas.
  • Supporting efforts to reconstruct regions affected by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake as well as efforts to reinvigorate Japan as a whole.

Other activities necessary for achieving the objectives of JANU

  • Supporting risk management activities of national university corporations. Operating and improving a comprehensive property and casualty insurance system.