JANU and UA Held Joint Japan-Australia Short-term Staff Exchange and Training Program (Group Visit; Shadowing Training) in Australia (October 30-November 3, 2017)

 From Monday, October 30 to Friday, November 3, 2017, the Japan Association of National Universities (JANU) implemented a Japan-Australia Short-term Staff Exchange and Training Program, in cooperation with Universities Australia (UA), the association of universities in Australia. For the second time, following the initial exchange in November 2015, 12 administrative staff members of Japanese national universities and three staff members of JANU visited universities and other institutions in Australia.

 This program aims to support partnership building efforts between universities in both Japan and Australia, and to enable university staff in Japan to deepen their understanding of international affairs at universities in Australia and promote administrative globalization at their universities. The program participants visited eight universities during the program period.

 In addition, as a new initiative, we offered shadowing training at Macquarie University, the University of Western Australia, and Curtin University, with the participation of two administrative staff members of Japanese universities and one staff member of JANU.

[Schedule of shadowing training]
Participant (1) : training at Macquarie University (for three days: November 6-8)
Participant (2) : training at Macquarie University (for two days: November 6-7)
Participant (3) : training at the University of Western Australia (for three days: November 6-8) and Curtin University (for one day: November 9)

*Details of the training will be given on our website, together with details of the group visits.

 In the next fiscal year (FY2018), plans will be implemented for staff members from universities in Australia to visit Japan. These mutual exchanges are expected to further invigorate Japan-Australia inter-university exchanges.

[Program Schedule]


Monday, October 30

– Visited Australian National University

– Visited the Japanese Embassy in Australia and Universities Australia (UA)

Gold Coast

Tuesday, October 31

– Visited Griffith University

Wednesday, November 1

– Visited Bond University


Thursday, November 2

– Visited Monash University

– Visited Swinburne University of Technology

Friday, November 3

– Visited Deakin University

– Exchanged views with Universities Australia (UA)

[Scenes from the group visits]

Visited Australian National University (day 1)

Visited Universities Australia (UA) (day 1)

20171030-wnew-ua 20171030-wnew-ua

Visited Griffith University (day 2)

Visited Bond University (day 3)

20171030-wnew-ua 20171030-wnew-ua

Visited Monash University (day 4)

Visited Swinburne University (day 4)

20171030-wnew-ua 20171030-wnew-ua

Visited Deakin University (day 5)

Group photo at Universities Australia (UA)

20171030-wnew-ua 20171030-wnew-ua



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