(5) UMAP Japan National Committee

【Background of Establishment of UMAP Japan National Committee】

Japan has been involved in UMAP since the first conference organized by the Australian Vice-Chancellors Committee (AVCC) to promote discussion on educational cooperation in Asia and the Pacific. At the 5th UMAP Reference Group Meeting, Japan proposed the establishment of a UMAP secretariat and the proposal was welcomed with much appreciation. For a full representation of the university sector in Japan, as well as to support UMAP International Secretariat to be established in Japan (then in Thailand, Taiwan and in Japan again from 2016), the Japan Association of National Universities (JANU), the Japan Association of Public Universities (JAPU), and the Federation of Japanese Private Colleges and Universities Associations (FJPCUA) jointly established UMAP Japan National Committee in April 1999 in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). UMAP Japan National Committee aims to promote international education exchange between Japan and other countries of the Asia-Pacific region in line with the policies of UMAP.


【Activities of UMAP Japan National Committee】

UMAP Japan National Committee members are composed of representatives from JANU, JAPU, FJPCUA, MEXT and JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization) and the Committee has been conducting following activities. Expert Sub-Committee of professors and researchers in the field of international education and student exchange also supports the participation of Japanese universities in UMAP activities.

Cooperation and exchange with UMAP member countries and territories
Exchange with educational and academic organizations in Japan and other countries
Seminars, workshops and lectures
Information dissemination of resources in the field of international educational exchange
Support for activities of UMAP International Secretariat
Cooperation for the development and use of UCTS (UMAP Credit Transfer Scheme)
Others deemed appropriate for the promotion of UMAP activities


【Activities of Japan as UMAP Chair Country】

Japan was elected as UMAP Chair Country for 2009-2010, and again for 2013-2014. UMAP Japan National Committee nominated Dr. Toshimasa Asahara (2009-2010) and Dr. Ichiro Tanioka (2013-2014) as the UMAP Chairpersons, who chairs the UMAP Board Meetings which discuss and determine the policies and the main lines of work for the smooth and effective operation of UMAP.


【Secretariat of UMAP Japan National Committee】

The Secretariat of UMAP Japan National Committee takes part of UMAP National Secretariat (UMAP NS) in Japan. The Secretariat is located inside of the Student Exchange Department, Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO), and liaise with the UMAP International Secretariat (UMAP IS), members and expert members of the UMAP Japan National Committee, in-country related organizations, associations etc. regarding the implementation of activities of UMAP Japan National Committee.

UMAP Japan National Committee
 Address: c/o Student Exchange Department,
 Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)
 2-2-1 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-8630 Japan
 Tel: +81-3-5520-6012 Fax: +81-3-5520-6013
 E-mail: umap[atmark]jasso.go.jp