(6) UMAP Participating Universities in Japan

In March 2004, the UMAP Board Meeting decided to make and exchange the List of UMAP Participating Universities which show interest in using UCTS as a conversion scale for the credit transfer among the member countries.

In Japan, 85 universities requested the listing by the invitation of UMAP Japan National Committee through each composed association (the Japan Association of National Universities (JANU), the Japan Association of Public Universities (JAPU), and the Federation of Japanese Private Colleges and Universities Associations (FJPCUA)), and the List was distributed to all member countries. Afterwards, UMAP Participating Universities have been added accordingly, and as of February 2021, 126 Japanese universities included in the List show special interest in student exchange through UMAP framework and use of UCTS.


【Definition of UMAP Participating Universities】

  1. Host and Home universities need to ensure credit recognition prior to student exchange. Slight change will be allowed after starting class.
  2. Use of UCTS (UMAP Credit Transfer Scheme) as a conversion scale for credit is necessary in principle.
  3. Selection of courses and universities depends on each university.
  4. The List includes the universities which have a plan to make use of UCTS for their student exchange and have put into practice as a pilot project.


【List of UMAP Participating Universities (Only Japanese National Universities)】

JANU Branches


JANU Branches



Hokkaido University


Kanazawa University

Muroran Institute of Technology

Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Otaru University of Commerce

University of Fukui

Kitami Institute of Technology

Gifu University


Iwate University

Shizuoka University

Tohoku University

Nagoya University

Akita University

Nagoya Institute of Technology

Fukushima University

Toyohashi University of Technology


Tokyo University of
Foreign Studies


Kyoto University of Education

Tokyo University of Agriculture and

Kyoto Institute of Technology

Tokyo Institute of

Osaka University

The University of

Kobe University


University of Tsukuba


Okayama University

Utsunomiya University

Hiroshima University

Saitama University

Kagawa University

Chiba University


Kyushu University

Yokohama National University

Kyushu Institute of Technology

(The Graduate University for
Advanced Studies)

Kumamoto University

Niigata University

University of Miyazaki

Nagaoka University of Technology

Kagoshima University


University of the Ryukyus

Total: 41 Universities