(2) Organization and Membership of UMAP & UMAP Eligible Countries/Territories

【Organization of UMAP】

umap-soshiki-en.png umap-soshiki-en.png

【Eligibility for UMAP Membership】

UMAP members are composed of representatives of the national higher education institutions of each eligible countries/territories and administrative regions, and compose a consortia of governments, universities and related organizations. In Japan, the UMAP Japan National Committee was established in collaboration with the associations of national, public, and private universities as a main actor of UMAP national activities.

Individual persons are not eligible for the UMAP membership, but individual universities of member countries/territories can join the UMAP exchange programs.


【UMAP Eligible Countries/Territories】

As of 2021, UMAP eligible countries/territories are as follows. The countries/territories which paid an annual contribution to the UMAP International Secretariat (UMAP IS) are the UMAP Full Members, and compose the UMAP Board.

Australia / Bangladesh / Brunei / Cambodia / Canada / Chile / People’s Republic of China / Ecuador / Fiji / Guam / Hong Kong / India / Indonesia / Japan / Republic of Korea / Kazakhstan / Kyrgyz / Laos / Macao / Malaysia / Mexico / Mongolia / Myanmar / New Zealand / Papua New Guinea / Peru / Philippines / Reunion Island / Russia / Samoa / Singapore / Taiwan / Thailand / Timor-Leste / USA / Vietnam
(The number of eligible countries/territories for UMAP participation: 36)


If you would like to check the UMAP National Secretariat (UMAP NS) of each member country/territory and participating universities, please refer to the following link (UMAP Membership) in the UMPA IS website.